William S. Sloneker

CEO, Portfolio Manager

Bill started his career with Ohio Casualty Insurance in 1976. Prior to CAM, he was a Director and Executive Vice President of Ohio Casualty Corp., responsible for actuarial analysis and for the investment by committee of over $2 billion in portfolios of common stocks and government, corporate and municipal bonds. B.A. English and Art History, Yale University; MBA Finance and Marketing, The Wharton School.

“At CAM, we use a team approach to generate ideas. All of us have years of experience analyzing companies and studying industries.  Since each person has a unique perspective and way of looking at things, each team member has a different vantage point.  As an example, while one may assign more importance to an industry trend, another may attribute more weight to a competitor’s characteristics.

“The same may be said for portfolio structure and the myriad factors at work in dynamic economies and industries. There are so many factors at play that a team of independent thinkers is important to providing a portfolio well-structured across many preferable industry groups.”